Naomi Biden testifies in father Hunter Biden’s gun trial (2024)

Naomi Biden testifies in father Hunter Biden’s gun trial (2)

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Hunter Biden was visibly emotional while watching his eldest daughter, Naomi Biden, as she testified in federal court on Friday in his gun charges trial.

Naomi, who was aware of her father’s drug addiction but never witnessed it, said she was “proud” of her dad for going to rehab in 2018 – two months before he purchased a firearm.

As she spoke, members of the Biden family including First Lady Jill Biden wiped away tears.

Prosecutors claim Hunter lied on a federal gun form when he indicated he was not unlawfully using, or addicted to, illegal drugs. He has been charged with three gun-related counts and pleaded not guilty to all of them.

However, the defense maintains that Hunter was not using drugs when he bought the firearm and the government must prove he was actively using drugs when he bought the gun – something no person has been able to say definitively.

The trial taking place in Wilmington, Delaware is expected to continue Monday. Defense attorneys will spend the weekend deciding whether or not to call a final witness – speculated to be Hunter.


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Press in Hunter Biden trial ask judge to allow for electronic devices in courtroom

A coalition of news media organizations have asked Judge Maryellen Noreika to allow journalists to use mobile devices or computers in the courtroom for Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial.

“Because the public interest in such real-time reporting is especially high in this historic case, and because the use of electronic devices has inarguably improved coverage in other high-profile proceedings while causing no disruptions, the Press Coalition seeks a limited exemption to the Standing Order for credentialed members of the media to use mobile electronic devices and laptops in the courthouse to report on the U.S. v. Biden trial,” the coalition of the press said in a filing.

It is typical that you may not use electronic devices in federal court – only handwritten notes are allowed. This can make it difficult for journalists to cover major trials like Biden’s.

At the J Caleb Boggs Federal Building in Wilmington, some press are allowed to use laptops in a separate press room and tune into the trial via remote access. Trials may not be recorded by any means though so often news organizations must purchase transcripts.

Those in the courtroom are required to secure their phones in a locked pouch which cannot be opened except by security. Each time a person leaves the courtroom to use their phone they put go through security to unlock their phone.

The coalition of press argued in a filing that limited electronic device access makes it difficult to cover the trial which is high-profile.

Ariana Baio5 June 2024 22:00


Catch up with proceedings from yesterday

Here’s what you missed in proceedings from Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial on Tuesday.

Naomi Biden testifies in father Hunter Biden’s gun trial (6)

Hunter Biden’s tearful sister Ashley leaves court as trial hears about his drug use

Biden is accused of lying on a federal firearms background check form to unlawfully obtain a gun

Ariana Baio5 June 2024 23:00


Prosecution makes it clear: Hunter Biden was addicted to drugs

Zoe Kestan’s detailed testimony about Hunter Biden makes it very clear that in 2017 and 2018 he was struggling with addiction to crack cocaine.

Kestan said she witnessed Biden smoke crack cocaine over and over again in New York City and a few times in Malibu, California. She described how he withdrew large sums of money to pay for drugs and at one point toyed with the idea of making it himself.

She testified that Biden wanted to get sober and talked about seeking treatment at a rehabilitation facility in California but that it was difficult for him.

In several messages, shown to the jury, Biden texted Kestan that he would “always be an addict” and that he was “doing it alone.”

However, defense attorneys believe the prosecution must show Biden was using drugs while purchasing a firearm in October 2018.

Kestan said she witnessed Biden smoking crack cocaine in September 2018 – just one month before he would purchase a firearm.

Ariana Baio6 June 2024 01:00


Ex-wife testifies she found drug parapernalia in Biden’s car

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, testified on Wednesday that she found a broken pipe, pipe-cleaning materials, a white powder and remnants of crystals in his car in 2018.

She said she looked for drugs in his vehicle more than once so that her daughters wouldn’t drive it with drugs in the car. She added that he continued to work while using drugs and that she found that others didn’t notice his drug use. He tried to hide his drug use from family and friends, she said.

She added that they talked about him going to rehab, but that he didn’t want to, noting that he eventually did.

On cross-examination, she said alcohol had been an issue throughout their marriage, and that Biden initially went to rehab in 2003.

Gustaf Kilander is reporting from Wilmington, Delaware

Gustaf Kilander6 June 2024 03:00


Kestan didn’t know he was Joe Biden’s son at first

Zoe Kestan did not know Hunter was Joe Biden’s son when she met him in 2017 at a gentleman’s club in New York City, she testified.

Kestan, who was around 24 years old at the time she was involved with Biden, then 48 years old, said that she figured out who he was after seeing his photo online.

She testified to jurors that she was enamored by Biden when she first met him – finding him “charming” and “charismatic”.

Ariana Baio6 June 2024 05:00


Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial has begun. This is what the case hinges on

A seemingly relaxed Biden was seen laughing with defense attorney Abbe Lowell before the proceedings began in the wooded courtroom in downtown Wilmington on Tuesday.

The question at hand is if Biden lied on a form when he bought the gun, asserting that he wasn’t using drugs at that time. He only had the gun for 11 days before Hallie Biden discarded it behind a grocery store.

Gustaf Kilander reports:

Naomi Biden testifies in father Hunter Biden’s gun trial (7)

Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial has begun. This is what the case hinges on

Question at hand is if Biden lied on a form when he bought the gun, asserting that he wasn’t using drugs at that time

Gustaf Kilander6 June 2024 07:00


Ex-girlfriend was unaware of Biden’s whereabouts in October 2018

Zoe Kestan testified that she was unaware of what Hunter Biden was doing in October 2018, when prosecutors say he purchased a firearm while addicted to crack cocaine.

In one of her final moments on the stand, Kestan said the last time she saw him was September 2018 when he was lonely and needed a drug dealer for cocaine.

Ariana Baio6 June 2024 09:00


Two of Hunter Biden’s exes detail his extensive drug use as he grew ‘short-tempered’ and ‘angry’

Two of Hunter Biden’s exes outlined his extensive drug use in detailed testimony at his federal gun trial.

Zoe Kestan testified that Biden smoked crack cocaine within minutes of their meeting at a “gentlemen’s club” where she worked in Manhattan.

Earlier on Wednesday, Biden’s ex-wife said in testimony that he grew “angry” and “short-tempered” after smoking crack cocaine.

Kathleen Buhle said Biden was “not himself” after she found a “crackpipe” on her side porch on 3 July 2015 in Washington, DC.

Wednesday’s proceedings focused mostly on the testimony of Kestan, whom the defense noted has an immunity deal. She testified regarding the widespread crack use by Biden amid their seemingly chaotic time together moving between hotels and AirBnBs after meeting in December 2017.


Naomi Biden testifies in father Hunter Biden’s gun trial (8)

Two of Hunter Biden’s exes detail his extensive drug use in federal gun trial

The testimony of Kathleen Buhle and Zoe Kasten was the main focus of federal gun trial

Gustaf Kilander6 June 2024 11:00


Who has testified?

So far, prosecutors have introduced four witnesses in Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial, including two of his former partners.

Those who have testified include:

Erika Jensen, an FBI agent who was assigned to Biden’s case last year. She testified that she used Biden’s memoir and data extracted from his laptop to determine a history of his drug use.

Katheleen Buhle, Biden’s ex-wife of 24 years. She testified that Biden was using drugs as early as 2015 and she found evidence of drug use in 2018.

Zoe Kestan, Biden’s former girlfriend. She testified to witnessing Biden smoke crack cocaine continuously in early 2018.

Gordon Cleveland, the former gun shop employee who sold Biden a revolver. He testified that Biden filled out the federal gun form without hesitation and confirmed he sold the firearm to Biden.

Ariana Baio6 June 2024 12:00


What to expect on day three of testimony

Testimony and cross-examination is expected to continue today in Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges trial, with highly anticipated testimony from Hallie Biden – the widow of Beau Biden and onetime girlfriend of Hunter.

Defense attorneys will begin the day by finishing the cross-examination of Gordon Cleveland, the former gun store employee who sold Biden a firearm in October 2018.

After that, they will call their remaining witnesses – with much shorter testimony.

Prosecutors said they could rest as early as Thursday.

Ariana Baio6 June 2024 13:00



Naomi Biden testifies in father Hunter Biden’s gun trial (2024)


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