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May 12 2024 136

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We're All Insane podcast hosted by Devorah Roloff.

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Battling Male Anorexia and Addiction May 12 2024 88 mins In this raw and powerful video, we delve into the courageous journey of Justin, who battles with two formidable demons: anorexia and addiction. Struggling against the societal stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding eating disorders and substance abuse, John opens up about his uphill battle, shedding light on the often overlooked intersectionality of these two afflictions. Justi
Trapped for 6 Hours “Rock Climbing Nightmare” May 05 2024 92 mins In this gripping video, we bring you the astonishing story of resilience and survival as a young girl finds herself in a terrifying predicament while rock climbing. Join us as we delve into the heart-pounding account of how she endured six agonizing hours with her knee trapped in solid rock. If you have a unique story you'd like to share on the podcast, please fill out this form: h
Mother-Daughter Covert Incest Apr 28 2024 84 mins Covert incest, also known as emotional incest or psychic incest, refers to a dysfunctional dynamic within a family where a parent relies on their child for emotional support, companionship, or intimacy that should be reserved for adult relationships. Unlike overt forms of incest which involve physical sexual abuse, covert incest involves emotional boundaries being violated, often i
I Got Catfished Apr 21 2024 66 mins In a world where connections are made through screens, the line between reality and deception blurs. Join us on a captivating journey as we unveil the gripping tale of a sheltered girl who fell victim to the intricate web of online deceit. Rochelle's Links: TikTok : @rochelleanne0 If you have a unique story you'd like to share on the podcast, please fill out this form: https://form
Birthing My Stillborn Baby Apr 14 2024 89 mins In this deeply moving and courageous video, join Cassie as she shares her journey of coping with the heart-wrenching loss of her stillborn baby. Through raw honesty and vulnerability, she opens up about the emotions, challenges, and moments of hope that have shaped her path towards healing. Cassie's Links: Star Legacy Foundation is dedicated to reducing pregnancy loss and neonatal
I Survived a Kidney Transplant Apr 07 2024 93 mins Join us as we witness Rachel's courageous battle against illness, the emotional highs and lows of waiting for a suitable donor, and the transformative moment when she received the life-saving gift of a new kidney. Rachel invites us into her world, revealing the physical and emotional toll of transplantation, as well as the profound gratitude for the second chance at life it bestowe
Medical Malpractice Killed My Mother Mar 31 2024 97 mins In this emotional video, we hear the heart-wrenching story of Tia, who tragically lost her mother to medical malpractice due to Sepsis after having a heart attack. Tia opens up about the profound impact of her loss and the challenges she faces in coping with the aftermath as well as discussing her experience with a genetic disorder, ctla4 haploinsufficiencyshe. Tia's Links: https:/
Addicted To Sex Mar 24 2024 60 mins In this powerful and candid video, Amanda shares her personal journey of overcoming sex addiction. For years, she struggled with compulsive behaviors that consumed her life and left her feeling trapped in a cycle of shame, guilt, and a need for control. But through self-reflection, spirituality, and sheer determination, Amanda found the strength to break free from the grips of addi
House Fire Left Me Homeless Mar 17 2024 59 mins In this episode, Erin gives us insight into the challenges that her family faced during the aftermath of their house fire - the loss, the trauma, and the journey toward healing. Their courage and determination serve as a beacon of hope for anyone facing adversity. Home Safety Checklist: https://www.safewise.com/blog/new-homeowner-safety-checklist/ If you have a unique story you'd l
My Neighbor Tried To Kill My Family Mar 10 2024 45 mins This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at betterhelp.com/INSANE and get on your way to being your best self In this chilling recount, Peyton delves into the terrifying ordeal faced by her family at the hands of their seemingly ordinary neighbor. What began as a typical existence in their neighborhood quickly spiraled into a nightmare when their neighbor'

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We're All Insane - Podcast Addict (2024)


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Because of the way RSS feeds work, episodes cannot really be deleted. Yes there's a Settings category called 'Automatic cleanup' that displays some deletion features, but it's only for downloaded episodes. Only the downloaded files are deleted.

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Podcast Addict: Free, Donation and Premium

There is a free version of the app, and one you can get in exchange for a donation.

Is Podcast Addict good? ›

Great podcast app, will continue to use. Gets the job done. Once you learn the options, this is a solid podcast app with the ability to adapt to a variety of users.

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Go to where all your podcasts are listed. Hold down on the thumbnail for your podcast, may have to scroll down on the list that pops up, look for "Reset podcast." And voila!

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podcastaddict. service. player. toggletimer – This will toggle the Sleep Timer using the last duration and parameter used in the app.

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In order to do so, long press on a podcast and select 'Custom Settings'. Then press on 'Edit Category'. Now you can delete the default category, rename it or add as many new categories as you want to using the Toolbar + button. Don't forget to validate using the OK button.

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